Reserve a Computer
Help: How to sign up for a PC 
To schedule a computer
  • Click on the "Schedule a Computer" button.

  • Enter your MARINet library card number in the top box, and your library PIN in the bottom box.

  • Select a library from the map, or from the dropdown list

  • You can select computers by workstation type (1 hour Internet, 20 minute Internet, etc.), by what programs you need to use (the Internet, Microsoft Word, etc.) or by which specific computer you want, by workstation name.

  • For a schedule of availabe computer openings to select from, click on the "Search" button.

  • If you prefer to select the most immediately available booking, click on the "Yes" radion button after "Reserve Next Available Machine" and click on the "Make Booking" button.

  • You should see a popup window with the message, "Booking was successful."

  • Be sure to close the booking window by clicking on "Logout" in the top menu.